A total of 26 new quests have been added.

Quest Updates

Stolen Dignity
Eleven new items that are required for making A-grade weapons have been added to the bonus item list.

Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe
Spellbooks and Charms have been added to Primeval Isle's item list.

Mimir's Elixir
The Kamael cannot perform the Mimir's Elixir quest. In order for the Kamael to acquire their sub-class, they must perform the Seeds of Chaos quest.

An Ice Merchant's Dream
You can decide the number of quest items to be traded with material items.

All races other than Kamael can move to the Isle of Souls after completing the Tutorial Quest.

Kamael: A Window to the Future
The quest “Kamael: A Window to the Future” has been removed.

Quest for Fishing Shot
Sweet Liquid can be obtained from certain monsters on the Isle of Souls.

Enhance Your Weapon
More monsters have been added from which the Soul Crystal Level 14 can be obtained.

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